Beta is ready for testing

Hello EasyWorship community,

We officially have a new Beta available for version 7.4! We would like you to install and test it to ensure we have taken care of all the bugs before we release the final version. It will install separately from your current 7.3 and into a BETA folder but still use your existing database and resources. Any changes you make within 7.4 will also be reflected in your 7.3.

Here are some of the new features and enhancements for

-We have included the new SongSelect API from CCLI to make importing song lyrics even easier than before. Simply click SongSelect from the Songs tab, search for the song you want to add, and click Import.
-For Premium Subscribers, access and download new Premium media directly from the Media tab. Click on Premium Media within the Media tab, search or use the filters at the top of the resource area, find your favorite media, and import it!
-We have updated our internal browser to allow you to display web pages, YouTube and Vimeo videos, and more directly from the Web button.
-If you are using new NDI cameras that are HX2 or HX3, you can now add them as your feed sources.
-MIDI just got better with MIDI Sync. With a MIDI input and the new MIDI output, you can simultaneously control multiple instances of EasyWorship on different computers on your network.

Since this is a beta, we don’t recommend using it in a live service. However, please let us know by commenting below if you have any issues in your testing.

Download BETA Here

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(415 KB)
(458 KB)

Since installing this beta update, it has affected our Presentation Themes on Alt Output on versiom 7.3.13 drastically and I'm having trouble getting them back to what they previously were. The font and size has changed as too has the text formatting. I will uninstall this beta but doubt whether it will reset to what it was before. The main display and foldback are unaffected. This is going to be a nightmare for tomorrow's service as I haven't got time to recreate the Presentations and themes.

I have uninstalled the new beta but of course it's just the same. But I have figured out what the beta has done to It has changed the default settings for the Alt output in Options dropdown to Tomaha, Centre on each settings. You said that the beta wouldn't affect the working version but it has. Now I have to try and workout what they were set to. I know the font but not the sizes.

Finally resolved by re-installing, now back to our settings. Seems 7.4.04 changes the Alternate Output settings of to defaults.

David, sorry you had issues with it this weekend. I have tried recreating this issue and was not able to. I will have our developers look into it.

Hi Dan, I finally got it back to how it was. Had to recreate our startup sequence Presentation/Theme as well. So you can understand I'm reluctant to re-install beta 4 at the moment. One thing I should say is I already had beta 3 and used it to install songs from Song Select which once added to the database were used in That was okay but last week, I then updated to beta 4 and again added another song from Song Select which remember only works in your betas which was used for Sunday's worship service. It was then that the issue was realised.

Hope this is helpful. I won't be around for the next fortnight after 24th July.   

Looks like is out now as a FINAL release. Available at the normal EW7 download page.


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