I am requesting for the Tiv Bible to be added to EasyWorship for effective worship in the Tiv dialect. The Tiv people are located in the North Central Region of Nigeria. They're the only tribe in Northern Nigeria that have resisted Islam. The missionaries brought the gospel to the Tiv nation since 1911. Worship is done primarily in Tiv language with a collective membership of about 3million congregants across the country.

Here is the version's details:

Name: Icighan Bibilo/Holy Bible ib Tiv Language

Language: Tiv 

Versions: 1st and 2nd

Publisher: Bible Society of Nigeria. 

18, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria

+234 810 805 5025+234 811 265 9058


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We have previously marked TIV requests as not taken due to the contact stating they do not accept these types of requests. I will share your contact information with the team and see if we can get an updated response. Thank you.

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