7.4 Beta

Hi folks,

We are still a bit of time away from releasing the next update for EasyWorship, but we do have a beta available for those of you that want to try it out. 

This does update the browser in the software, so if you play youtube videos through EW, you will be able to do so again with this beta.

The beta will install separately from your current version, but it will use the same database. Nothing changed in the database that requires a database update, so it will stay the same.

This also fixes the Clear button not clearing the Alternate Output when using the remote app, Stream Deck, Companion, and MIDI.

And also adds support for NDI HX2 and HX3 cameras.

Since it is a beta, we recommend not running it in a live service. If you run into any issues, please let us know about it here. If you're a part of our Facebook Beta group, you can also post any feedback about it there.


EasyWorship BETA

Either a new beta will be released or the actual release will happen.

Big problem...need help. I was having difficulty with the beta version and so I just uninstalled it.  Now in 7.3 I can see all of my media, but the slide is just black in the presentation or the song.  I restarted my computer to see if that corrected the disconnect between the database and my worship file, but no luck.  This would happen when circumstances prevented me from processing the worship service file until Saturday night.  Any suggestions???  Looks like tomorrow is going to have a lot of black backgrounds...