Request: Bible "Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling 2021" (Dutch)

The NBV2021 is an update over the NBV2007 version that is available as bible in EW.
It was published this week and will likely be used in may Dutch churches replacing the NBV2004/2007.

See also: (in dutch)   

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@Leslie, thanks for your reply, I will check in the EW software itself than. I was confused since on the website I could not find the old version anymore:


I see. To be clear - if you've previously purchased NBV, that version is still available. For new purchases, only NBV21 will be available. This was at the request of the publisher.

Ah, that explains. In the mean time I purchased and installed the new version and the old and new version work side by side like a charm. Thanks again!

Just a follow up for those following this forum topic, the NBV has been added back for purchase to our list of available plug-ins.

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