Request: Bible "Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling 2021" (Dutch)

The NBV2021 is an update over the NBV2007 version that is available as bible in EW.
It was published this week and will likely be used in may Dutch churches replacing the NBV2004/2007.

See also: (in dutch)   

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I see Update next to NBV, but nothing is happening appearently.

 Would like to have the NBV21 too. Please let me know when available!

Same question from me. Would love to have it.

Als de NB21 in EWS7 uitkomt dan willen wij hem ook graag hebben.

We are currently in touch with the Bible Society and working on getting a new contract to include this edition of the Bible. Thanks for your patience!

I work with multiple churches in NL, all off them would like to have this translation available for EW! 

Hopefully you guys can work something out with the Bible Society asap! Thanks for your work!

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