NEW! Stream Deck Plugin

We have some exciting news for anyone that uses the Stream Deck to control their EasyWorship schedules. We now have a native plugin for the Stream Deck!

This plugin will pair directly with EasyWorship through the Remote button, so you won’t need to configure any buttons. Just pair it and add the actions you want to use to the Stream Deck and you’re good to go.

To install this Beta version and try it out, click HERE.

Please give us any feedback you have.

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Definitely looking forward to this one!

Will an API also be released now that we have a stream deck plugin?

Nothing is in the works at this time for an API

If you are a fan of the streamdeck. There is also a solutiton with 

- Companion

- VICREO-Listener

you can (remote) controle your EW(6) presentation, programm camera settings (IP) and controle lots more. 

it is very amazing but i have a issue that when i run it so Easy worship states a license is required when i try to pair it now. I cant find anything about a license required for this plugin. anyone can tell me what should i do......

Are you on the EasyWorship subscription?

You have to have a current subscription to be able to use the Stream Deck plugin.

Yeah I am thinking to subscribe...

which you would like to prefer to me as noob?

Hi, we've got a Streamdeck MK.2. I installed the Elgato software and the Easyworship plugin.

We are running EW with a campus license. 

I can see the EW server show up in the SD software but it won't show up in the EW remote dropdown. so I can't pair the two.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Jan Willem, i am not sure. But you have to Activate remote control. Same thing with the app. (I think)

Hi Beamer,

Yes I did, otherwise I won't have a dropdown screen with devices. The remote app functions normal.

did you also installed the 'Easy Worship" icon. This comes with the server name 


Your EW software should be active. and remote "ON" it can take some time :-)  . 

The EW button in the stream deck will function like a on/of button

So I'm running the new stream deck plus from Elgato. I have remote access Easyworship to the deck (all the buttons light up) but when I test the buttons (eg. Logo, blackout, clear etc) nothing happens. Is there an update needed for this new hardware?
I did not do anything special for this. I run EW7, an the newest elgato software. The streamdeck is plugged into my laptop. The remote in EW7 is switched on. In elgato I can see on the EW7 button the name given in the remote EW7. When I switch this buyten on, I can pair the elgato in the remote settings in EW7. There are two states, remote and a Lock. You have to choose for the remote. Then it should work. Hope this will help.


If you can see your remote device (in this case a phone) click on Pair


here you see my mobile phone connected to EW7. With this lock sign activated i can NOT use my phone as remote controle.   

The phone is connected. I can see the schedule in my phone, but nothing works. 


When you click on the lock icon. It will change in a remote control icon. 

I can see the schedule in my phone and i CAN now control EW remotely  with my phone.

Working with the Elgato streamdeck will work the same way. 


- Bonjour Service should be installed 

- EW7 and the remote device thould be connected to the same network (WIFI)

- be sure the latest EW plug-in is installed in the Elgato software

- The name of the server in the elgato software shoul be the same as in the EW7 installation. (in my case: EW7 Presentation Computer)


The button EasyWorship should be selected and the right server needs to be selected. (drop down selection)

if you press the button on your streamdeck the icons should be colored (not gray). In EW7 you can see the streamdeck in remote, pair it, press on the lock, the it becomes a remote control. Now it should work  

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