Public Beta testing

Hello EasyWorship Community!
We are getting ready to release a new version that includes some new features, including Alternate Output and we would like some more beta testers. We have done a lot of private beta testing to clean up a lot of things in this new build and are ready to open the testing up to the public. Installing the beta will install separately from your current version and will not affect your current version. It will use the same database if you're using a profile called Default, so any changes made to your database in the beta, you will see those if/when you go back to your current version. Please make sure you are currently running the latest update available from our downloads page before installing the beta.

If you do have a one-time purchase license and would like to play with/test the features, you can install the beta. You will just need to sign out of your account in the beta and run it as a demo to see the new features.

We do not recommend using this beta in a live service.
If you do find any bugs, have any questions, or have any suggestions, please comment on this post and we will be monitoring it.

Here is a basic list of the new features, enhancements, and fixes in this beta.

Feature: Alternate Output
Feature: Shapes
Feature: Element Rotation
Feature: Contiguous view
Feature: Reflection blur
Feature: Added CTRL and ALT functions in editor for resizing elements

Enhancement: Enlarged font size on Print Schedule Details.
Enhancement: Added Apply/OK/Close buttons to editors.
Enhancement: Schedule right-click works even if schedule is empty.
Enhancement: When creating new song or presentation from top menu navigates to new resource after adding it.
Enhancement: Adding a new blank presentation from the schedule menu opens the Presentation editor.
Enhancement: Open file location added to right-click menu in Media.
Enhancement: Duplicate slide added to Schedule right-click context menu.
Enhancement: Updated hotkeys for Contiguous view - left/right arrows change slides and up/down arrows navigate schedule.

Fixed: Error when opening schedules larger than 4Gb.
Fixed: Feed settings grayed out when editing a feed.
Fixed: Live output locking up when going live to a youtube video.
Fixed: Going live with a PPT while live output off then turning on displays Presentation theme.
Fixed: Live feed performance when using some AMD video cards.
Fixed: Having to click Create Empty after importing data using the transfer tool for EW2007 or EW2009.
Fixed: Message alert with multiple lines affecting the scrolling of the alert.
Fixed: Nursery alert cuts of left side of screen.

I am no longer able to present powerpoint slides with beta. This works fine in 7.2. All that shows is a black screen on the Live View. I see the thumbnails and can advance back/forth between them but the live review remains blank until I move to another set, such as an image or video.

I have the same with the .11 non beta. Powerpoint is black on the Live view

If you have not already down so you should create a ticket so that we can trouble shoot the issue with you. 

For those of us that have been using the BETA live, it expires today (9-30), which leaves us in a bind come Sunday, and having to "backtrack"...can the BETA version be extended out so as to make it usable? The alternate output is something we have come to enjoy, especially for our live stream. 

I believe that they released a non-beta version on the Download EW7 page.

Correct Don! If you have been using the Beta, has been released as a full download. You can go to the link above to download and install it.

I wasn't sure as there hasn't been any official statement posted in the Forums or on the Website. 

Loving the new 7.3. Thanks to everyone who worked on it.

I'm probably not the first person to find it, but the settings for Display Copyright Information are only on the Main Output, and not on Alternate Output. Consequently, if you have enabled this, you have to have the same settings on your Main Output theme and your Alternate Output theme, even if you want different fonts on the different outputs. Please can you add these feature settings on the Alternate Output in the next update?

Many thanks.

Love the alternate screen option but am so disappointed that text formatting is lost. Is this likely to be fixed soon please? We really need font colour and bold to be passed through to the alternate (and stage screen) if possible. Thanks.

This alternate screen option is very useful. I use it to send the lyrics as subtitles through NDI to another computer that uses vMix for live streaming. My problem is, when I want to put the Logo (that is a picture) on the main screens in the church, the Logo covers my entire live stream as is sent to alternative output as well. As a temporary fix, i use the Logo as desktop background, and after the song, i simply stop transmitting live from Easyworship, and so on the screens remains only the desktop background that is the Logo. there a way that we can put the Logo/Clear/Black only on Main output? Tanks ;)

"My problem is, when I want to put the Logo (that is a picture) on the main screens in the church, the Logo covers my entire live stream as is sent to alternative output as well."

We do have this in our request list. 

Thanks. Also, it would be really useful to be able to edit the song live. Sometimes I find little spelling mistakes, or the group \ person singing a slightly different version of the song, and for one or two words, or even some letters, I need to go to edit, and find the slide, than find the part where I need to make the change, than save and then search again on the preview for the slide that the singer reached and then pres Go Live (or double click). And if during the edit I need to change the slide, I can only do it through the app on the phone. I apologize if this was already addressed, but i couldn't find something about this. Thanks again!

Problem with EW going to song select, web page problem, EW said download beta, did that. It fixed but there is a time limited on having the beta, what can we do. Need to get songs for SS

Charlie, you can use the beta to import the songs from SS. The beta uses the same database as your 7.3 version, so if you reopen your 7.3 for your live service, you should see the songs you imported. We will also either have the full 7.4 released before the beta expires, or we will release another beta that extends the expiration. No need to worry! : )

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