Today's New International Version

My Pastor is starting a year long bible study that will be used for Sunday's sermons. I am hoping to get the attached pdf converted so that it can be used in EasyWorship.

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 The TNIV has been updated and replaced by the 2011 edition of the NIV which is available in EW. Biblica owns the rights to all of these and has carefully guarded their use. It is my understanding that while one can continue to use the TNIV, it can no longer be sold or converted for use in programs such as EW. I could be mistaken, but only EW would be able to convert that pdf (or any other document) into the EW Scripture format, but they would have to obtain the legal rights to do so, something that Biblica hasn't been willing to provide to anyone in the past with the 1984 version. They only want the current 2011 version released at this point.

Please note that I do not work for EW so there may be more to this that I am not aware of. Hopefully someone from EW will be able to clarify all of this.

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