Yoruba Language - Bible Development Request from DaBible Foundation

Hello @RodgerKing, @Administrator,

For several years, we have been receiving requests for the development of the Yoruba Bible into EasyWorship and having read the detailed guideline on this topic, I will be providing every required detail to ensure compliance and prompt implementation.

The Yoruba Language is one of the most spoken languages in Africa. Millions of Nigerians living in Europe, Canada, North America, and South America cannot trade the language for another. On Wikipedia, it's estimated that over 40 to 50million people speak this language, and moreover, your product is unarguably the most used in Nigerian churches.

The majority of the Nigerian churches preach in the Yoruba language, and we have noticed this trend all over the internet. With the recent requests submitted by a couple of EasyWorship Lovers, we already discovered you have made several attempts to contact the Bible Society of Nigeria, I am not surprised that you didn't get any feedback from them after 5 attempts. This same frustration is what led our team to become the first and only, complete, digitalized Yoruba bible that is available both in text and audio format.

In order to ensure you have detailed information to proceed with this request, I will love to clarify first, that we are the official publisher of our own TEXT and AUDIO for Yoruba Audio Bible. Several years ago, we received the direction to build an audio bible mobile app, but because of publishing rights, we were forced to go ahead to DEVELOP our own original TEXT version. In order to ensure we do not infringe the rights of the Bible Society of Nigeria. We recorded all our audio and we have all the rights, apart from the Yoruba language, we also have Pidgin and Hausa language which is the same scenario.

Publisher Information
DaBible Foundation



BIBLE: Yoruba Bible


Sanmi Ayotunde Ajanaku

Team Leader

DaBible Foundation

DaBIble Foundation is a 501(c)(3) company doing business as Kerygma Foundation both in the United States of American and Nigeria.

Hi @Fred sorry, the number was actually incorrect, It is +1-256-617-9644, and it's a US phone number. Can you try calling me again.

Hi Sanmi, I tried to reach you at that number but I was unable to get you. Can you double-check and make sure that that is the right number? Also, is this a USA or Nigerian number?


Thanks for your comment, yes you can give me a call any time of the day today. Call me on +1-256-613-9644

Hi Sanmi, thanks for reaching out to us! We would love to offer each of those Bibles through our software. Can I give you a call tomorrow to talk over some of this?

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