[Announcements] EasyWorship Release


Hi Friends,

We are happy to announce that EasyWorship is finally here!

This update will be pushed out to customers through auto update at a later date. In order to get this update now, please use the download link below to download it and install it over the current version. Midi support will only be available to customers who are on subscription. If you are on a one time purchase license, you will not see Midi support as an option.

[b]https://www.easyworship.com/downloads/ew_builds/current/EasyWorship_web.zip]DOWNLOAD EASYWORSHIP[/b]



[b][i]Available Through Subcription Only[/b][/i]

  • [*]Added support for Abelton Live and other MIDI input devices.

  • [/list]

    [b]7.0 -[/b]

    [b][i]Available To All EasyWorship 7 Customers[/b][/i]

  • [*]Added Apple Watch Support for EasyWorship iOS App.

  • [*]Added Dark Theme.

  • [*]Added Slide look and color

  • [*]Added the ability to playback videos with alpha channels.

  • [*]Added the ability to see multiple lines on FoldBack Next Line item.

  • [*]Added new option to allow copyright to be visible only on first displayed slide.

  • [*]Added support to use NDI for live output.

  • [*]Added support to use NDI as a capture source.

  • [*]Added undo and redo to editor.

  • [*][i]Added support for transparent webm files. Removed side-by-side and top-to-bottom support.[/i]

  • [*][i]Updated FFmpeg player to 4.0.1.[/i]

  • [*]Added iOS remote App. [b](Available in app store)[/b]

  • [*][i]Added Android remote App. [b](Available in Google Play Store)[/b][/i]

  • [*][i][b][b]Added Support for The Passion Translation.[/b][/b][/i]

  • [/list]

    [b]Bug Fixes:[/b]

    [b][i]Available To All EasyWorship 7 Customers[/b][/i]


  • [*]Fixed issue in Video Properties windows that causes the video to glitch on load.

  • [*]Fixed issue with transparent videos thumbnails showing incorrect pre-multiplied alpha in Editor.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with then clock and service internal size displaying incorrectly when using higher DPI.

  • [*]Fixed issue with the report in the Presentation Editor printing with gray text instead of black.

  • [*]Fixed issue with remote midi schedule commands not working correctly.

  • [*]Fixed issue with remote schedule selection not syncing correctly when using live and preview combined view.

  • [*]Fixed issue with NDI feed player using to much CPU.

  • [*]Fixed issue with NDI output not adapting to current system audio settings.

  • [*]Fix issue with empty video stream causing player to lock up after seeking.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with Foldback monitor flickering on some video cards.

  • [*]Fixed an issue on some video cards with alpha channel videos flickering when using the editor with live output.

  • [*]Fixed issue in selector with single column icons that are centered not getting selected on mouse down.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with the Software Update window showing grayed out text in the dark interface.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with live ledger view not painting correctly after switching from preview and live combined to preview and live.

  • [*]Fixed problem with downloading help file in the background causing the web browser to not load until completed.

  • [*]Fixed issue with SongSelect import causing web tab to close when using 'Live with Resource preview' view.

  • [*]Fixed issue in Options with clocks and alerts not resizing correctly when changing font size.

  • [*]Fixed some issues with Foldback elements (clock, service interval, and next line) incorrectly using margins and other settings from global foldback default font.

  • [*]Fixed Foldback area, for previewing videos, web, and PowerPoint, to have margins that are pushed based on other foldback elements like clock and next item.

  • [*]Fixed cosmetic issue with "Remove" icon on remote client popup changing colors after changing permissions on a client.

  • [*]Fixed a possible bug when using special foreign characters in profile options.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with changing the master theme font size not reflecting the correct values in the OutlineEditor even though the font size changes.

  • [*]Fixed issue with font reverting back to system defaults when using indented text within a presentation.

  • [*]Fixed an issue where changing the theme on a presentation would not update the text attributes of existing slides.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with collections not limiting results correctly when you have rules for individual fields like Title, Author...

  • [*]Fixed shortcuts for Add, Duplicate, and Delete slide to be consistent across outline editor and slide view.

  • [*]Fixed issues with playing back audio with frequencies above 32K.

  • [*]Fixed issue with new version of PowerPoint (build 1805) and PowerPoint Viewer displaying with incorrect size.

  • [*]Fixed another issues with Intel Switchable Graphics not working correctly. Fixed a bug that should prevent future problems.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with mouse highlighting and obscured items.

  • [/list]


  • [*]Fixed an issue with PowerPoint 32Bit not rendering custom text styles correctly.

  • [/list]


  • [*]Fixed an issue with remote not showing previews of live screen.

  • [*]Fixed an issue when editing profiles on startup causing an exception.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with reports not painting song text with correct background color in dark interface.

  • [/list]


  • [*]Fixed an issue with getting an exception when closing DVD, Feed, or Video Properties window.

  • [*]Fixed a lockup that occurs when saving an NDI feed when using Preview and Live view.

  • [*]Fixed some DPI issues with multi-monitor DPI setups.

  • [/list]


  • [*]Added some changes to remote control for acknowledgement of valid connection.

  • [/list]


  • [*]Fixed an issue with re-arranging slides in ledger view causing a blank slide to appear if there is not a label on the slide you are moving.

  • [*]Fixed issue with ledger views first slide having an incorrect top margin if the first slide does not contain a label.

  • [/list]


  • [*]Fixed an issue with re-arranging slides in ledger view causing a blank slide to appear if there is not a label on the slide you are moving.

  • [*]Fixed a possible issue with virus scanner blocking import presentations or powerpoint option.

  • [*]Fixed an issue with empty slides with a non-empty labels causing editor to raise an exception.

  • [*]Fixed issue with adding a scripture to a presentation not updating the outline editor.

  • [*]Fixed some possible issues with updating items in schedule from resource.

  • [*]Remove old downloaded installs that are not needed anymore.

  • [*]Fixed a possible issue with black thumbnails in schedule when using PowerPoint.

  • [*]Fixed issue with slide flicker when going live with a PowerPoint presentation.

  • [*]Improved performance when going live with songs that have a large number of slides.

  • [/list]

    Windows 10 Pro 64bit and PowerPoint 2010 32bit (also PPT Player).

    Can NOT play any PowerPoint files at all with either. First as an update, then as a clean install. and both work fine displaying the PPT and PPTX files, but not Tried multiple files. 6.7.11 does the same thing. 6.7.91 and 6.7.10 are both fine. When you go to start the PPT/PPTX file you get a quick flash on the output screen for a miniscule fraction of a second then the Foldback and FOH screens go blank or black (can't tell which). PPT isn't hung up, EW continues to function, and you can continue to the next schedule item which will display properly (as long as it isn't a PPT/PPTX). Doesn't matter if it's a single slide, multiple slides, or a slide show with timings.

    I haven't had the time to check with PPT 2016 yet. I don't have a system with it installed at home as we use 2010 on our presentations systems.
    I have the same PowerPoint issue.

    PowerPoints show in the Preview and Live panes but the Live Output is black.

    I have re-installed v7.1.0.0 and they work fine again.

    Windows 10 Home

    Version 1803

    64 bit

    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

    PowerPoint v14.0.7224.5000
    Windows 10 Pro 1803 with PPT 2016 appears to work properly.

    PPT viewer displays properly with Office 2016 installed, but does not if you have Office 2010 installed.

    Both the 1803 and 1809 builds of Windows 10 Pro have same issues with PPT2010 but not with 2016.

    Display adapter doesn't appear to make any difference. Have tried with NVidia, AMD, ATI, and Intel graphics all with latest WHQL drivers.
    There was a conditional statement in the code to make PowerPoint 2010 use an older way of rendering, as it wasn't working properly when the fix for Office 2016 was implemented, it looks like an update to Windows or Office may have changed this. We will get a new build out asap.
    I am more that willing to test the new build when it's ready if you need it. I have access to multiple computers to test it on with varying configurations of Windows, Office, and graphics. Plus I'm retired and have a lot of time on my hands. You can only watch so many reruns of I Love Lucy a day.
    We stopped pushing the auto update as soon as we found out about the problem today. We'll roll out an update on Monday. You can roll back by downloading and installing from here
    Roger, don't forget that 6.7.11 also suffers from the same problem. The announcement for it is locked so I wasn't able to post there.