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Hello sir / madam We have been using easy worship software since 2011 and in that everything works fine but the only problem we have is that we are unable to find a telugu bible if you guys could give a telugu bible plugins that would be great and will help me in lot of ways by providing it it would be great help for our church and the remaining telugu churches as well
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We would love to add Bibles for some of the major Indian languages like Telugu, Marathi, and Tamil. Currently, we have not had any luck contacting the publishers of any of these Bibles. Can you provide some contact information for a publisher of a Telugu Bible?

Hi, I believe contacting 'The Bible Society of India should help out in this. They have published many native languages in India apart from the once you've mentioned. Im leaving their contact details below. Please work out a telugu bible there are many of eagerly waiting for it. Thank you.

The Bible Society of India
LOGOS, # 206, MG Road,
Bengaluru – 560 001
Karnataka India
Ph- +91-080- 41124714/15

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