Faroese versions of the Bible

Here are two of the Faroese versions of the Bible: http://biblian.fo/Default.asp?gerd=vissidu&sida=10 http://biblia.fo/page.php?Id=17

Thanks for submitting this request. I have already put in the request for the Victor Danielsens Bible but I'm having some trouble with the second link. Can you tell me the name of the second Bible, please? And can you also find a contact email address for that translation?

These are only my words, but I mean that the Victor Danielsen translation is called Bíblian and the Jákup Dahl translation is called Bíblia.

There is a newer translation too, but I don't really know the exact name of that one.

The first link is for the Victor Danielsen translation, and the second link is for the Jákup Dahl translation and the new translation.

Is it possible to PM You an email address for the second link/Bibles?

Perfect, thanks! There's not really a PM function on here but you can send it by email to fred@easyworship.com. This is my direct address and I will check it a few times a day for questions or correspondence. 

Dear Fred,

Is there any progress implementing the Faroese bible into easyworship?

Have a nice day..



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