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Magandang Balita Bible (Revised) (RTPV05)

Hi EasyWorship Team,

I would like to request your good Company/Developer this tagalog version of Bible,

"Magandang Balita Bible (Revised) (RTPV05)".

I Thank you in advance for your favorable assistance on this.

Godbless you team!!

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Who is the Publisher or Bible Society in charge of this Bible? Do you have any contact information for them?

Hi Fred, Thank you for you reply. Sorry but I don't have any contact to them. Published by Philippine Bible Society in 2005. Thank you ang GodBless

Hi Joseph, can you try to locate some contact information for the Phillipine Bible Society?

Hi Fred, I only found this contact number on their social media. +632 8521 5785 Thank you and I hope it will help.

Please add this translation. It would be of big help to us! Thank you. We are waiting for this translation for so long and we hope we can have it this time. 

Thanks for finding that for us. We have contacted the Bible Society of the Phillipines and are awaiting response. 

What happen to this one sir fred ??

Hey Billy, Currently, we have not seen anything back from the Publisher yet. But this is rather normal as it usually takes anywhere from 1 to 3 months to hear back from them the first time around.


As per the last update on the Bible Version Inclusion Pipeline
, Magandang Balita Biblia (MBBTAG12)'s publisher has no yet responded to your team's email.


So, I've been reaching out to the publisher to follow-up your message. Here's what I got from them. Please look into this and update us. It would be of great aid to churches here in the Phillippines. Thank you and God bless EasyWorship.


Hello, Good Day!

Is there any update on this? Really looking forward to have this translation (MBBTAG) available in EasyWorship.

They have not returned any of our emails to them. I recommend reaching out to them on our behalf and asking them to move this forward.

Hello sir fred any update about this version ? I hope it will published on easy worship

Hi, Billy. Were you able to reach out to the society on our behalf as suggested by Fred?

This is the latest email reply from the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) as of 2:14 pm, 22 January 2024.


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