BIMK (Bahasa Indonesia Masa Kini) Bible - Indonesian

I am requesting for an Indonesian Bible with the BIMK translation - (Alkitab dalam Bahasa Indonesia Masa Kini).

This is an Indonesian translation of the Bible in day to day translation.

There is already a TB (Terjemahan Baru) translation in Easy Worship, however that one is more of a literal translation.

The one requested is an equivalent of CEV/GNT/NIV to an ESV.

This translation, published by the Indonesian Bible Society (Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia), was published in 1985.

Can contact the Indonesian Bible Society at

I've purchased the TB version.

Looking forward to buying the BIMK version.

The Bible Society has been contacted and I am awaiting a reply from them.

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Hi Fred,

Thank you for your reply.

I have previously contacted LAI about 3 months ago.

Has there been any progress since?

If not, I can contact LAI again...

Thank you.


IMC Brisbane

Yes, I would recommend contacting them again. They have not responded to our requests as of this time. Moving request to Not Taken.

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Hi Fred.

Thank you for your reply.

Apologies for the late reply from my behalf.

I've just contacted them and they said they have replied to the Easy Worship team.

Just for clarity, are you able to let me know what email address they ought to contact you on?

Thank you.


Daniel S.

Hi Daniel, I spoke with one of their personnel this morning and things appear to be moving along again. It looks like a miscommunication on what we were trying to do with the BIMK caused the disconnect. Once I have more information, I will let you know.

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Thank you Fred :)
Glad to hear that the miscommunication has been sorted.

Should the status of this Bible request be changed appropriately?

Thank you.


Daniel S.

Yes, it's back to Deferred now.

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Thank you Fred.

Looking forward to hearing the good news :).

Have a blessed weekend.

Daniel S.

Hi Fred/EasyWorship team,

Just wondering what's the latest status for this Bible translation version (BIMK)?

The status is Deferred since 11 months ago, and based on your definition,

Deferred = We have contacted the publisher and await their reply.

However, I recently contacted the Indonesian Bible Society (Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia), the publisher, 

they said they've done everything what they needed to do on their part.

Are you able to indicate to if there's anything else they need to do in their part?
Looking forward in getting this translation into our EasyWorship :)

Thank you so much for your assistance and help.
God bless.

Daniel S.

Daniel, Yes thank you for reminding me. This Bible is now available for purchase on our site. You can also purchase and download the Bible within the EasyWorship software itself. 

Thank God! Thank you Fred for your help and your confirmation.
Will purchase it now.

God bless you and the EasyWorship team :) 

Thank you so much for the help.

Daniel S.

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