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I write to humbly request as a user of easy worship to request the Bible plugin for Hausa Bible be included. I have a congregation of both English listeners and Hausa listeners and we are in need of the plugin for the Hausa congregation. Publisher: Bible Society of Nigeria © 1932/2010 Contact:

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EasyWorship and other projection software are very common in Nigeria.  Producing an Hausa Bible plug-in for EasyWorship will be a blessing to millions of Christians who attend Hausa Worship services even though they are not of the Hausa people group.

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Emailed publisher at contacted provided by Emmy Ajik. 06/10/2019

We have just implemented a Hausa translation of the King James Bible into the EasyWorship software for free on behalf of the DaBible Foundation. We have also implemented Yoruba and Nigerian Pidgin translations. Please let me know if you all need any other translations to spread the word of Christ.

Thanks the Lord Bless You.

Thanks for the Hausa and Pidgin Translations of the Bible. 

While using the Hausa Translation, we noticed a lot of errors. That is, some character turned to special characters e.g. "K" turns to "@" and so on. Some verses where not readable, and this happened during a live Sunday. It was very embarassing at our end but we plead for the Easy Worship Team to please look into this and help. 

Thanks in anticipation of your relentless effort to the work of Christ. 

Please send in a ticket for bug reports. We will need to speak with the DaBible Foundation team to work through any potential issues that crop up with these Bibles.

Ok Sir, how can i send/write a ticket?

Send an email to and we will automatically turn it into a ticket for you.

Hello please how can I get the Hausa bible file in order to add to my Bible lists?
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