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AVD-Arabic bible translation

Digital Verstion:

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Our church is reaching out to recent refugees from the Middle East. Iran, Iraq, Syria to name a few. We like to be able to have a parallel English and Arabic Bible or some way of making this work

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Hi Donald, can you provide the name of a Publisher for the AVD? Or of a publisher for another Arabic language Bible?

Publisher contacted 7/24/19.

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AVD will be great. We are still waiting for this to come out!!

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Is there a way to run a parallel English and Arabic on the same slide?

Hi Donald, no there is not. That is a feature request on the forum though and you can find it by searching dual language or dual bible from the forum - feature request page.

We can now offer an Arabic Bible for free; however, the right-to-left text has some issues in the search engine. All of the text should be fine but searching for a specific scripture may not work correctly. I can send you all the download if you would like to try it.

(10.1 MB)

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I'll have to pass this on to our Arabic volunteer. Our pastors want him to back me up in Easyworship. 

I would like to try it. I have downloaded the file you attached in your latest comment but I am not really sure how to import it to the software!!

Hey Don, OK great! Feel free to contact me if you guys find any bugs or have any questions. 

OK, to install the Bible after downloading it from the link I provided above:

Open EasyWorship,

Click on the Scriptures tab,

Go to More Available...,

Click on the gear icon at the bottom of the Bible list,

Select Install From Disk...,

Find and open the .ewb file that you downloaded,

The Bible plug-in should install and now be available for use with EasyWorship.

I've added George our Arab Language expert. He will be downloaded Easyworship to his laptop. I also downloaded the file and added it to our church dropbox so he can add it.

Thank You

Dear I'm interested in purchasing the easyworship but the only blocking point, is that we need AVD arabic Bible module. the arabic version you provided ARBERV.ewb is the only one available and what translation author is that

Hey George, the ARBERV is the Easy to Read version of the Bible translated from English to Arabic by Bible League International.

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