Easy-to-Read (ERV) English Version

I am requesting a Bible plug-in for the "Easy-to-Read (ERV) version.

This Bible version is referenced quite frequently by the Pastor and other ministers of our church.

The majority of our congregation is in favor of this version. 

Language: English

Publisher: World Bible Translation Center


Thank you and God bless

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We have started to use the ERV version especially for our youth, so I looked for it to add to our EasyWorship, realise it's not available and saw this 11 month old request.  Well, EasyWorship team, can it be made available?

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If you’re wondering why we haven’t added your favorite Bible translation yet, please note that we have made some changes to the process of adding Bible translations.

The goal of EasyWorship is to provide software that meets the ever-changing needs of the church. We recognize that having access to your church’s preferred bible translation within the software is invaluable. Since the beginning, we have aimed to provide the bible translations with the highest demand. The process of adding each bible requires our full focus and attention to ensure accuracy as a courtesy to each publisher which is why we have created a development cycle that allows for a push of multiple bibles at one time rather than sporadic integration.

In order to help us determine which bibles will be added to the next push, we are asking those of you who would like to see a particular bible in EasyWorship to ask your friends to vote on it. The more votes, the more likely it will make it into the next development cycle.

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I am voting for the ERV bible plug in as well.  We get several request for this and this would be great for our growing congregation.  Thank you

Please add this. The youth group loves this version and some of our pastors are using in on Sunday mornings.

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I can start the process of adding this Bible but I will need some information on the Publisher in charge of the ERV. Can you locate the name or contact email for the Publisher, please? Once I have that information, I will begin the process.

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Fred, here are some detail I found regarding the publishers of ERV. World Bible Translation Center A subsidiary of Bible League International. Email info@bibleleague.org Web https://www.bibleleague.org/

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World bible translation center

Hi David, thank you! I will try to contact them today.

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our church is also requesting this translation of the bible! Thanks in Advance!

Hi Fred Please any update on the addition of the English Easy to Read Translation. Our Pastor uses this translation alot and i see that this request has been ongoing for a while on this forum. Thanks to revert

God bless you all

I am in favor of the ERV bible, Its on request at my church here in Palapye, Botswana. I would kindly ask if there any updates?

Hi I'm also in request for Easy to Read Version (ERV) Bible to be updated in Easy worship as it would be of great help here at my Church in Botswana as my Pastor uses it most often Thanks in Advance
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