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New Testament in The Passion Translation plug-in would be great if we could have it in the near future. Blessings Ravi Paul

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Yes! I made the same request 3 months ago, and would love to see more users vote for this plug-in!

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Yes please...we would purchase it!!!

New Testament, Psalms and Prov are available.  BroardStreet Publishing Group LLC is the publisher...

Contact them via

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We are very close on this one. I do not have a specific date to give but it is close. 

Thanks for the update, Terry! I'll let my pastor know.

May we have an update on this request please? And, will the TPT plugin be available to EW6 users, or are you planning on releasing it only to EW7 subscribers? Thank you

This has been sent to the Development Team and they are working on adding it to EasyWorship. The Passion Translation will be available with the next update. 

Thank you. Will the plugin be available to EW6 users?

Yes, both 6 and 7 users.

This has been "In Progress for over 10 months.  How can we help get it done?

We are working on providing this in our software. We appreciate your patience with us while we are working on adding this Translation to our software.

The Passion Translation is now available in EasyWorship 6 and 7.

It costs $29 and can be purchased either online or over the phone.

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