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Biblia de Jerusalen - (BJ)

Hi you all, thank you for working for the Lord, God bless u and keep you today and ever in the holes of the hands of Jesus Christ His beloved only Son.

As title, pls allow this Bible, and on EasyWorship 2009 version pls.

Info as follows my dear brethren :) :

Name of Bible and abbreviation of such:

Biblia de Jerusalen - BJ




Desclée de Brouwer

Publisher info:

Editorial Desclée De Brouwer

S.A.: Henao, 6 3º

48009 Bilbao


phone #: +34 944246843

fax #: +34 944237594


Bible as digital copy is attached.

More info if needed can be found on:

Thank you so much!

Pls inform me if you already have this Bible somewhere, thank you so much!

God bless you and may His kingdom come and take us all saved home!


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