Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

Hi EasyWorship Support,

With the Messianic faith movement ever-increasing in the US, I wanted to ask for you to add the CJB Bible to your library please.

One of the many key features of the CJB is that it uses the original Hebrew names of all the righteous leaders throughout the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the Brit Hadashah (New Testament). That is extremely important for our synagogue as our leadership and congregants refer to (Jesus) Messiah as Yeshua (which directly translates to Salvation) ha Moshiach.

Bible info:
Complete Jewish Bible (CJB) by Dr. David H. Stern; English; Publisher: Messianic Jewish Publishers

Please let me know if/when this will be added.

Best Regards,

Jaime McLellan

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CJB is becoming very popular among many believers, so would make a great resource for Easy Worship