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Hey all.  I've been using EW for years. We do not use the subscription model, we purchased it and have it running on 2 machines at church.  I have an issue where all powerpoints have 1 of 2 issues.

1. They will show black and not display via EW at all


2.  The screen shows 1/4 of the presentation slide.

The power points are built ON that same machine but when i run it through EW7  the resolution skews

OS: Windows 10

Ram: 32 GB

Video: GTX 1660

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9400F C

EW7 Build:  (non subscription based)

So my 2 questions

1.  Why would EW7 display them as black, regardless of using the option in EW to use the presenter or full

2.  when it does work, why would the resolution of the powerpoint be skewed to 1/4 of the screen (too large).

I've used all the troubleshooting on the EW site so i'm here asking for other solutions. 

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I have no idea about the black problem, but the skewed display and only 1/4 of the screen is usually corrected by this support article.  If that doesn't help, then you should open a support ticket so that actual EW Support gets involved (I'm just a user doing what I can to assist other users). 

Also longtime EW user on 1 computer.  With upgrade to Windows 11 Pro...
now facing same issue with all power point slides shown as black screen
on live output...see screen shot
Acer Aspire TC-895
i5-10400 2.90GHz
Samsung MZVLQ512 SSD
Windows 11 PRO 23H2
EW      (EW also same issue) 

Thanks bro Randkfisher12!

Ok so the DPI thing fixed powerpoint in easy worship. Still black over NDI but it's a start.  

Kyle, I suggest opening a Support Ticket to get actual EW Support Personel involved. See the Support Home link at the bottom of the page to do that.

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