Plans for NDI-HX Output Support

I wanted to check in on any updates for supporting NDI-HX output from EasyWorship.  Live streaming has obviously become much more popular over the last few years and the new reduced bandwidth formats are pretty widely supported.  It looks like this has been requested previously, but these submissions are more than 3 years old at this point and I couldn't find a recent status.  Is this something that is already supported, or on a roadmap with a targeted release?  Any information would be appreciated as we plan updates to our presentation / streaming setup.

EasyWorship currently supports NDI-HX, HX-2, and HX-3

I may be wrong but I think this only applies to input. If that’s not the case, are you aware of how this is configured in the application? I see “NDI Stream” as an output option along with the supported resolutions, but am not sure how to toggle the encoding.

Currently EasyWorship does not support NDI-HX output and there is not a way to configure it.

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