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Hello EasyWorship users.
We recently noticed an issue with mpg playback in the most recent release of EasyWorship, build 7,4.1.5.
We have fixed this bug and released a quick update, build 7,4.1.6.
If you want to update to this newest version, you can download it from our Downloads page on our website. It hasn't been pushed to the auto-update in the software yet.
As always, if you do have questions, you can ask them here or contact support by sending an email to support@easyworship.com.


hey, Dan i been having issues with my auto-update with the last update before i head to personally download right from the website because my easyworship isn't checking for updates automatically.

The current version in the auto-updater is As mentioned in the main post, we haven't pushed this (or the to the auto-updater yet. The main reason for this is a soft release to make sure there aren't any major bugs that pop up that may have been missed.

This build is looking good, so we will be adding it to the auto-update soon I think.

Thanks Dan.

My EW has been crashing when playing worship songs. Hopefully this fixes the issue.



Dan Willard, you might want to update this post to direct users to which seems to be the latest final release.

Thanks Donal, I also encounter with similar issues and after this new update, I think my issues will fix...

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