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Please add the Legacy Standard Bible. It is an updated version (2021) of the New American Standard Bible, which is produced by the Lockman Foundation. You already have a contract with them for the NASB so getting a contract for the LSB shouldn't be too difficult. Below is their copyright information which contains their website, which has contact information for them. Thank you in advance!

“Scripture quotations taken from the (LSB®) Legacy Standard Bible®, Copyright © 2021 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Managed in partnership with Three Sixteen Publishing Inc.  LSBible.org and 316publishing.com.”

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Your request and information have been documented and will be passed on to our scripture team. Please be sure to review all of the information about how a new bible gets processed for inclusion with EasyWorship here: PLEASE READ BEFORE MAKING A REQUEST - Bible Development Pipeline Explained : EasyWorship. Another way to help us gauge interest in a particular translation is by indicating you like the post. These votes help your request or other people's requests for the same bible get noticed.  You will see the place to switch that on in the upper right corner:

Thank you for letting me know my request has been documented. I read that article before making the submission and appreciate the excellent information and overview of the process. However, I don't know how to "like" this post ... I do se a graphic that says "You like this idea ?" with a yellow bar on an "x" icon, like this:


However, I don't see anywhere on the page to "like this post". Nor do I understand about seeing "a place to switch that on in the upper right corner:" ... Is that referencing my profile? Again, thank you very much for letting me know my request has been documented.

After looking at another request I see the following graphic:


I assume that is the way to "like" or support a request, rather than the yellow highlighted x-button. Perhaps a new update to the BBS software changed the format?

Yes, you should be able to click that and then it will switch over like the example below:

Are you unable to click on a switch below that?

No, my screen looks different. From within this thread it looks like this:


I have option for "Reply and "Following" in the upper right hand corner. I don't see a way to "like" the idea. That may be an option only available for support personnel?

I did look at another request to see if there was such an option on a request that I didn't originate, and I do see a text line that says "1 person likes this idea: Do you like this idea" and the last part is a hyperlink:


After I click on the hyperlink to "like" the idea I see the following:


However, back on my original request for the Legacy Standard Bible I am not given the option to like it. I can only see that one person likes the idea. Note, it does NOT say "You and 1 other like this idea" so I'm assuming the person who liked it is not me, and perhaps I'm not given the option since I'm the one making the request? 

I hope I'm not "gumming up the works" with my screenshots and comments. But I don't see a slider asking me if I like the idea on this post, and I only see a text question on other posts, but not the slider. Perhaps we're on different systems? I'm using Chrome on a PC, if that helps.

Thanks for the conversation!

You're fine, Nathan. The one like was me testing it since I do have a slider. I will find out what's going on and let you know.

So sorry, Nathan! Your view is different than mine. Your like option would appear right under the initial post like the example below. However, you won't have that option under your own request, only requests posted by others. I would recommend finding other LSB requests and you should be able to like those.


Thank you so much for clarifying! Since the LSB is only about a year old I don't know how many other requests there will be, but I'll look for them. I anticipate this translation will pick up steam as it is put out by the Lockman Foundation (who put out the New American Standard and the Amplified Bibles) and being endorsed by John MacArthur. It is already available on many popular Bible platforms, including Laridian, e-Sword, Bible Hub, YouVersion, Blue Letter Bible, Olive Tree, and Logos. I hope it makes its way to acceptance by EasyWorship soon! Thank you again for your help!



Please add the Legacy Standard Bible

Your request has been noted. As an FYI, it is always a good idea to click on "Do you Like this Idea" on the original poster's request  This makes it easier for us to gauge interest.

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