Can't click Print schedule report


in the newest version the option "Print schedule report" is greyed out and I can't click on it. Tried on two different machines. I also tried it just before upgrading from, and it worked just fine in the old version. I use this feature every sunday, so please help :)



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Thank you for reporting this. I have sent the information over to the developers. 

I have the same thing...

Very annoying. Please fix this.

This is fixed and will be released in an update but  a workaround is to use the save option and print externally. 

I have the same problem.  And when I saved the schedule report it was not accurate.  It didn't have all of the slides for the songs and there are lines missing.

I updated two days ago (10/8/22) and this problem has not been fixed!

Terry, the workaround you suggest doesn't really work, since you for some reason only allow to save the schedule in txt format. I normally use the print feature to print lyrics for the musicians in our services. And the txt file is a mess. It's way faster to manually collect all lyrics and print them than to use this feature.

I hope you can release a small update to fix this as soon as possible. This is really frustrating.

We do apologize for the frustration this is causing. We do have this fixed for the next update. It should be available for download soon.

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