Web browser not updated

If I click on some websites I am not able to connect as a message pops up says.: please update your browser. This changed when I uploaded to new updated version. How can I fix it?

You might not have noticed it previously, but it has nothing to do with the release of EW that you are running. It's just that some websites started doing that recently when you are using Internet Explorer that EW calls up via some API (I don't know all of the technical particulars). What is happening is that as Microsoft has ended IE and websites are no longer supporting it Windows has recently changed when you attempt to open a lot of websites (such as YouTube) in IE and automatically brings up MS Edge instead. This happens behind the scenes in a way that EW doesn't recognize or understand.

EW is well aware of this issue and is working on a solution, but there is no timeline on when the update will appear. You'll just have to be patient like the rest of us for this to happen. 

While it might appear that updating EW caused this issue, what version and release of EW you are running or what version of Windows has absolutely nothing to do with this issue. That all changed as websites stopped supporting IE over the past few months that coincidentally coincided with people upgrading to a new release of EW. EW uses an API call (or something to that effect) to bring up EW on the computer for it's Web access. There is nothing the individual user can do to change this. EW has stated that they are working on an update for EW7 to fix this problem, but haven't told anyone when it will be released.

At this point you'll just have to sit, be patient, and wait for the update to be released just like the dozens of others posting about this.

Mr Donal I understand frustrations stemming from continual questions on these issues. However, we're all paying a lot of money for services we're not getting. You need to our frustrations as well. Your rudeness is very unprofessional.

Paul, you have to take into consideration that I am just another user of EW. I am not, nor have I ever been an employee of EW in any way shape or form and our Church had to pay the regular price (or promotional price when applicable). I'm just trying to help other users when I can. My biggest frustration was at that time how many posts were made about this issue asking the same question, but instead of reading what was already posted people would choose to make another asking the same question. At one point the top four threads were about this one question. There is absolutely no rational justification for that sort of behaviour.

Also, if you read some of those threads you would find that I called out EW numerous times about waiting so long to bring out a fix for this when they knew at least two years prior that it was going to happen. I understand yours and others frustrations over this issue and backed up the users continuously with the way that EW dropped the ball over this issue.

Thank you sir.
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