mp4 videos not playing on 7

can anyone help me. Our church uses a list of videos that are in mp4 form and before they used to play fine on EW now all of a sudden they are not playing. It just shows a black screen when clicking on them. I tried to download the quicktime player and reboot the system and nothing. I dont know what else to do. And we rely on those videos so much on our church does anyone have any ideas?????

What version and build of EW are you using? 

Have you double checked that the videos are not corrupted or incomplete by playing them in a different video player such as VLC, Windows Media Player, etc.

What programs or updates have you recently installed just before having this issue? 

EW7 does NOT require additional codecs to be able to play MP4, M4V, or MOV video files. That is built into EW7 so it shouldn't have that issue.

i am using easy worship7 and i have tried playing the videos i’m media player and they work fine.. when i open easyworship and i click a video to play it “live” nothing happens…. so I’m not sure why this is happening . I did not installed anything prior .. It just stopped working. To be honest it has worked so well. I notice in the middle or a sermon. When i tried clicking on a video and nothing showed up. It was very embarrassing.

As I asked in my first post, what BUILD of EW7? Some of them work better than others. I have found that and work the best (haven't tried the newer 7.3 builds as our Church doesn't have a license to run that).

It's possible that your profile has become corrupted. Try creating a new profile, import the media files into that profile and see if that works better.

Also, make sure that you are NOT running your schedule from a USB flash drive or a networked drive. I've seen that cause a lot of problems. You always want to run the schedule and all media files (especially video files) directly from the EW computer's hard drive or SSD.

i’m sorry i’m new to this is 7.3

Let's hope one of EW's actual support team look at this if what I posted previously doesn't help as I have absolutely no first hand experience with any of the 7.3 builds (as I mentioned previously).

The fastest way to get this resolved is to schedule a callback from one of our technicians. Go to and set up a time that's good for you for someone to call you back. They will be able to help you get it fixed.

they told me to reformat the videos and gave me a website to do it . I did it and still it did not work:( im

They should be following up with you to try and narrow down the issue.

ok so, trying again with the website they gave me to convert my videos into (video mp4) form it was able to work again. The only problem is that i have over 500 videos and if you put all of them one time into the website the website crashes . So im doing it 100 at a time…. it takes a while but it did work when putting it into easy worship. this is the website : movavi video converter for anyone wondering . they ask you to buy it but i just used the restriction form.

Can someone post the website they game him above? I'm having same issues its very embarrassing when the videos do not play. 

thank you 

movavi video.. beware this app has a watermark in all your videos if you dont but it.

I see. So what have you done to fix the issue??? thanks

Movavi is a low quality product that really doesn't do much. You are much better off using the FREE Handbrake software to convert videos. As to what will fix the issue, you have to determine what is actually wrong with the videos in the first place. Quite often it's an issue with Windows 10 not including an X.265 or H.265 codec to be able to play videos encoded in that format. 

I had the same problem and noticed if I open a saved schedule by right clicking from the Windows10 taskbar the videos do not play. If I open the schedule from the file -> open or the open drop down in EW they play fine. Makes no sense but works...

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