Division by zero Error

Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTXZ 1050 TI

Installed EasyWorship Version: 7 Build

If I have EasyWorship open and install an NVIDIA driver update, EasyWorship crashes with an error window: "Division by zero".  Left clicking the OK button causes the same error to reappear.  There is no way to exit EasyWorship at this point without using Windows Task Manager to "End Task" EasyWorship.

Obviously closing EasyWorship before performing the driver update is the solution, however perhaps EasyWorship developers would like to investigate this?


Brent is an older build. I would download the most current one from the website  https://ewsoftware.blob.core.windows.net/installers/EasyWorship-

Ok, I've installed  I'll see how that goes, thanks.

You should also have EW closed while installing video card driver updates.

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