Closing Easy Worship

When I want to close out of Easy worship I am always left with a black screen.  The only way I have found to completely exit the software is to go to my Task Manager and "end task."  This black screen also does not allow me to run any other programs or apps while Easy Worship is open, or even to be on the internet.  Is there a way around this?

I had the same issue. Clicking on ENTER while pressing the ESC key seems to be working for me.

Are you not connected to a secondary monitor? If not, then your live output will display on your computer monitor behind the control screen when Live is on.

I think I figured out that if we are in live mode this is wht I am experiencing.  It looks as if when I take it out of live mode I then regain the task bar at the bottom of my screen.  

Thank you

I just downloaded the newest version of EW (7.3).  

Windows 8.1

I am a little lost with the hardware specs.  I know its 6GB RAM and hard drive.

What version and build of EW?

What version of Windows?

What are your hardware specs in as much detail as possible?

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