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Our church uses the 1984 ver of the NIV. where can i get it . to use on Eazyworship software

I just told you that it is no longer available for sale from EW. Zondervan (who own the rights to the NIV Bibles) made that decision. As EW uses a proprietary format for their Bibles you can't import Bibles from other sources.

The only way to have the NIV 1984 in EW is if you purchased it for EW 2009 prior to EW6 being released. You would still be able to install it on an EW installation that is tied to that license. Our Church purchased it when we purchased EW2009 and it is still working on our newer EW7 installations.

As for it being available for ProPresenter, that is ONLY for users who purchased it prior to 2012. They can no longer distribute it to new customers. See the article below for their Support Document about this. To the best of my knowledge Zondervan made that decision to only sell the newer 2011 version for every Bible Software company.

Unfortunately, The bible publisher does not allow us to sell that version of the NIV anymore. You can copy and paste text from the bible into EW from other online sources if you want, but that would be the only way currently to display that version of the bible in EW.

is the any way to get the niv 1984. this is what our hole church uses. and would like to use it and the screen when need.

If no then i will start looking at other soft ware

id Did see where it is available  on Propresentor. But I like the easy of use in Eazyworship

Zondervan no longer makes the 1984 version of NIV available for purchase from EW, only the 2011 version.

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