Easyworship 7 - Provider Failure Error

I've just fired up our Easyworship laptop for the first time in a month as we've been worshipping outside with no projection but tomorrow is likely to be rainy. Easyworship is asking me to log which I do and it picks up our Organisation Name correctly. But when I click 'Complete Login' I get an error saying 'Provider Error.'

Help - I know it's Saturday but I need to be able to project for our service tomorrow! 

Now resolved - but still unsure why. Took laptop home and tried and still got the same error. However my broadband was playing up. When the broadband speed was restored later yesterday the error disappeared and I was able to enter the registration details and complete the login.

Which build number of EW are you running? Click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP and let me know. Also what version of Windows are you on?

Are you able to get to our website or other websites?

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