Transfer Songs from Other Program

We just purchased Easy Worship (today) and we are trying to figure out our way through the program. We had, in the past, purchased a group of PowerPoint presentations of songs by the name of, "The Paperless Hymnal." I was wondering if we could add all of those songs to our library in Easy Worship?

You can add them to the Presentations tab and run them that way. They will still be PPT files and EW will run them as PPT files.

If you want to convert them to EW presentations, you would have to copy the content out of the PPT and into individual presentations in EW. If I remember right, those are all images within PPT so the easiest way would be to just add the PPT files to presentations and run them that way

And please note that you would need to install MS PowerPoint to be able to display them thru EW.

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