Forum is WAY to difficult to use

 I understand about wanting to eliminate SPAM messages and posts, but the way it is configured is making it WAY to difficult to assist users when you can't even include LINKS/URLs to pages on the EW Support Site in responses. This is ridiculous. It needs to be addressed ASAP. I just tried to answer the post about which BIBLEs are included and which ones require additional payment and was unsuccessful as neither of the posts appear. It makes me feel unwanted and unappreciated in that I either can't provide a link ON YOUR SUPPORT SITE to help YOUR users.

Sorry, but I find this unacceptable. I will have to re assess my participation here as well as the continued use of EW at our Church.

I will change it to allow links and watch for spam. Thanks for your participation Don. We have been trying to approve your posts with links as quickly as possible. They aren't getting deleted or anything, they are just in a queue until we are able to approve them. But I will change the setting to allow them.

Thank you. I totally understand about third party URLs. Just found it frustrating for links to pages on the actual EW website.

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