Controlling OBS from Easyworship

I have had a look through the FAQ, knowledge base etc and seen lots of examples of how Easyworship can be controlled via midi and other protocols. Is there a way to achieve the opposite - ie generate midi or other control signals when performing certain actions in Easyworship? 

What I would ideally like to achieve is to have OBS select a scene when a video (any video) is played in Easyworship. Is this possible?  

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EasyWorship only accepts MIDI cues from other programs. It currently does not have a MIDI out feature. I will move this topic to the Feature Requests.

I have since come across this thread:

We are still on Easyworship 6 and I had no idea you could add a midi file to a song. Do you know if one could add a midi file to a video? We could then have a midi file you put on each video which chooses a scene in OBS when the video is launched

To add a midi (audio) file to a video, you would have to add it to the Media tab > Audio. Then you can create a presentation and add your video as a slide, then add the audio file as an element on the slide.

Great, thanks for this. I will have to have a play and see how easy this is. If I can get the MIDI to talk to OBS fairly straightforwardly then I might create a presentation template with the midi file in, and then get everyone to add videos to this

I would love this feature! OBS already has the ability to allow outside control with a websocket plugin. It would be amazing to tell OBS to display x scene when easyworship goes live.
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