[Tips & Tricks] Displaying png images

Recently I downloaded some Pro layers from churchmotiongraphics.com, these are .png files. The easyworship 6 Help section says easyworship "can" display png images. So far I have been unsuccessful in doing this. I can insert them in the song editor and they show up but will not display in the live output. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I downloaded a few Pro Layers from CMG in .PNG format and all of them displayed just fine on my system with EW I don't have access to a system with right now, but I can check it on the church system tomorrow when I'm there.
  • [*]Which version of 6 are you running?

  • [*]Which specific .PNG(s) are you having problems with?

  • [*]Have you tried other .PNG files from another source?

  • [/list]
    Tried it on a couple of the computers at my church with and they work fine there.
    Thank you for your reply. I'm running So far I have not had any png's to work. I've attached a screen shot and the png file that I'm trying to use. Is there a setting in the properties I'm overlooking?
    I figured it out. I was placing them in the wrong folder, I was placing then in a collection folder when I should have been placing them in the image area. I'm very sorry to waste anyone's time!
    No problem. The important thing is you figured it out. We all have one of those "Sometimer's Moments" from time to time.