[v6 General Discussion] Tip: How to control automatic capitalization in manual text boxes (Presentation editor)

In the Presentation Editor, when you add a text box using the Text button at the top, the Inspector doesn't display an "automatically capitalize first character of these words" checkbox in the Text section.

To control dictionary-based capitalization for manual text boxes, go to Edit > Options… > Live > Default Font > Format.

This will obviously apply to all manual text boxes. You can't enable/disable dictionary-based capitalization for individual text boxes.

[i](I use the term "manual text box" to differentiate from preset "theme element" text boxes like song/scripture/copyright/title/subtitle/content, whose content comes from the Words tab and whose default style and capitalization are found in Edit > Options… > Live > (Song/Scripture/Presentation).[/i]

Hi Blaq,

Thanks for this request. It sounds like this is a feature request. You can post feature requests to our feature request forum. Here's a link to it.

Please note that all new features will be added to EasyWorship 7, but 6 is no longer receiving features updates.
This was a tip, not a feature request. I have clarified the thread title to avoid confusion.