[v6 General Discussion] Plain-text slide: best practices?

I need to create liturgy slides, similar to songs except that onscreen words are meant to be spoken rather than sung.

[*:1jz3mlfq] The slides would be plain text, similar to the presentation themes' "Content only" template — except I don't want any bullets.[/*:m:1jz3mlfq]
[*:1jz3mlfq] If I use this template, the editor gets quite buggy when I remove bullets via the Inspector. (A bullet appears on the [/*:m:1jz3mlfq]
[*:1jz3mlfq] I don't want to pollute my song list with non-songs, so adding a song item isn't a viable solution.[/*:m:1jz3mlfq][/list:u:1jz3mlfq]
What's the best way to create a simple schedule item containing one or more simple, plain-Jane text slides?


I just want to verify that you are clicking on Inspector and then setting Bullets none.

You could also just delete the content box and then add a text box.
1) I used a 450-character paragraph as my test text. When I click Inspector > Bullets > None, the text loses the bullet — but its font size turns tiny: the 450 characters that used to fill the screen are now two long lines of tiny text. (The font size remains set to "Resize text to fit element".)

Edit: When I tried to reproduce the problem to include updated screenshots, Murphy's Law of demos interfered and the font size remained unchanged. (Have you heard of situations where Autosized text turns into a couple of tiny lines?)

2) Deleting the content box and manually adding a text box is a poor workaround for several reasons:
[*:np1zg428] Manual steps required[/*:m:np1zg428]
[*:np1zg428] Text box won't have the same position/size as content box[/*:m:np1zg428]
[*:np1zg428] Can't edit text under the Words tab[/*:m:np1zg428][/list:u:np1zg428]

Thanks for your help.