[v6 General Discussion] Are any updates coming?

There have been a lot of feature requests over the last several months. Can you give us any updates?


Thanks for asking! We are getting close to releasing an update that will include the full alerts feature and more, along with a whole slew (That's Okie for a bunch) of bug fixes. We are still testing and working on bugs, but it shouldn't be too much longer.
Does EW send out email updates when there are software updates? I never know about them until I have a problem... then come on the forums... then discover that there was an update months and months ago
Hi kajaffrey,
That's a great question. We normally do not send out eblasts for updates since we were pushing updates very frequently and you get prompted to updated if you are connected to the internet. We aren't pushing updates as frequently, and I can see where this might be an issue if your computer is not connected to the internet. We will for sure post a notification here and on Facebook. I will discuss sending an eblast with our marketing team. Thanks for bringing this up.

If your worship computer doesn't have internet, but you have internet at home, it might be a good idea to install at home and open the software every once in a while to see if there is an update available. At that point, you can go out to the site and download the latest installer and take it to the church computer.
haha, not used to having the software push out updates, as I'm still learning EW6 to go live at a future date.
I guess I could turn on notifications for EW on FB...otherwise I may not see your post there.
i'm going to ask about this one:


It's VERY high on my list. I really hope it's part of the update.
I agree... it is one of the most missed features from our perspective as well. As well as a SMOOTH transition back to Powerpoint... rather than a hard fade through black.


i'm going to ask about this one:


It's VERY high on my list. I really hope it's part of the update.