[v6 General Discussion] Buttons are backwards

Noticed that the repeat show and end show buttons are backwards.

* Clicking the repeat arrows tells the show to stop.
* Clicking the right arrow (btw- this icon is confusing) tells the show to stop.

I have always considered the buttons to show the current "state of playback".
Arrow swoop to the right to me means "stop at end"
Two arrows in a circle to me means "Infinite loop"
Clicking the button should engage the action requested. All of the other buttons work this way. When you click "play" you expect the show to play. When you click pause, it pauses. When you click the repeat, you expect it to repeat but it doesn't repeat. These are the only two buttons that show "state of playback" therefore, they are backwards from all of the other buttons and confusing.
Thanks for pointing this out. I really never thought of it that way, but it does make sense. I have submitted a ticket to the developers to take a look.
Glad to see some much needed enhancement to EW 6 in the 6.5.5 update I need to request thought to the video playback buttons. They are backwards from all the other commands. All of the other buttons engage the command requested but the playback buttons show "state of playback". In addition, adding a hover description would be helpful.

*Maybe showing both buttons side-by-side and highlighting the action that is engaged.