[v6 General Discussion] New Salvation Army Songbook

The Salvation Army has recently released a new songbook. Is anyone aware of an EW DB import in the works?

I am sorry but I do not know of any.
Hi Wallydog,
I would also be interested. I have recently purchased the Software edition which is able to produce PowerPoints of selected songs but would still like to integrate into Easyworship.
If you have the PowerPoint files, you can convert those to rtf documents either by save as command in powerpoint or find a batch converter that will convert multiples for you, then import them when you use them.
Hi Wallydog & nolly,

I came across this website: [url:oh7dq6hk]http://toolkit.salvos.org.au/toolkit/resource/salvation-army-songbook-/447/

They have the old song book (and a few others) in EW schedules that you can import. It says to keep an eye out for the new song book soon!

Thanks for that link Buff - I checked it out but I think it is unsuitable for EW6. The site allows you to download the songs in schedule format (.ews) which may work fine in EW2009 - but there is no feature in EW6 to enable you to add songs to your database from the schedule - this feature is supposedly on its way and has been for quite a while.

Also, while viewing a couple of the schedules in EW6 (in "preview and live" view mode) I noticed that the preview section showed the thumbnail of the next song OK (in the preview output pane) but the text in the pane above didn't match the song - even though the title was correct.

I'll keep an eye on the link to see what's on offer in the future.
Just seen your post about new SA song book and wondering if you resolved this? As we are looking at EasyWorship too

We use SongPro at the moment at Chelmsford.

Would appreciate any thoughts