[v6 General Discussion] Video backgrounds won't work on Trial Version

Help! Our AV director is SO close to pulling the trigger on buying EW, but we are hitting a snag in testing the trial version, and we need to make sure this is going to work.

I have created some Song Themes using video loops as the background. I apply them to the Song, put them in the schedule, add them to the cue, Go Live and... only the text appears (with the watermark, of course), against a black background. Not the video. The correct thumbnail appears in the cued slides.

Troubleshooting that I have tried:

- Apply the Theme by adding the song to the schedule first, and then click/dragging the song theme to the song
- Convert the video file from mp4 to mpg
- Test with still images (that works fine)
- Use videos downloaded from multiple sources (Youtube, Videoblock)
- Tried same test with Presentation Themes/Presentations and Scripture Themes/Scriptures (same result with video backgrounds)

I am not connected to an external video output during this testing, just on my computer.
I'm running on Windows 10, 64 bit PC. Not the computer that will be running the program at church. I will test there tomorrow.

Otherwise, I'm hitting a wall. Has anyone else had this issue? Is it because I'm running a trial version, or something else? Help!

Jerrod Tune
Worship Director, Parkland Chapel
Farmington, MO

So I think I solved my own problem. I'm just now learning (after doing some reading) that Apple QuickTime apparently has some compatibility issues with Windows 10. That would explain why the mp4 problem. I don't know enough about video files to understand why Mpeg files need QuickTime, but whatever...

So I converted a background video to wmv and... voila! It worked! If that's the fix, I'll have to go convert all of my background loops to .wmv to work with EW on Windows 10. That's unfortunate, but at least now I know the fix. Happy day!

MP4, MOV, and FLV will play through EasyWorship 6 on Windows 10. You just need to make sure that you have installed QuickTime. If they still do not work the un-install and re-install QuickTime and make sure that you re-boot the computer. If they still do not work then you may need to call us so when can take a look at the issue.