[v6 General Discussion] Development Pipeline

I would like to request a more frequent review of the Development Pipeline. At the moment, out of nearly 80 Ideas ... only one is "in progress" and none are planned. I hope that is not actually the case.
... OR if there is a whole separate list of features that you are really working on ... is it possible to publish a rough roadmap of features that you are planning. I am fine if you list the Roadmap by build # ... without any schedule attached. Having been around for 16+ years of EW development I kind of know what to expect on that side. Hey, I am an engineering manager (HW & SW) so I understand the reluctance to publish a specific development schedule.

It would just be nice to know if solutions are being planned to address some of these issues ... I know that you got "burned" in the forums for signing up to schedules for EW 6 that you could not meet. But at least we knew there was a general direction you were headed. At the moment, I have no clue about your direction.

Ultimately, I need to decide if I sit tight... or if after 15 yrs, I need to start looking at alternatives... which I would rather not do. All in all, I have been very happy with EW and resistant to the idea of switching to another projection software.

Strange timing of this post, because I was wondering about this myself just last weekend. It will make a difference to when we switch over to EW6 in Church - although we have the license, we're still using EW 2009 at present.

We actually switched over a few weeks ago... but I am seriously considering going back to 2009 because so many things are either more difficult or missing all together. Really, the only thing I would dislike giving up is the auto-splitting of Scripture by verse.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have made an initial pass through the feature request page and have marked requests that I know the status of. We do have an internal list that is fairly extensive. Many of the features we have on the internal list are requests we received via email or via phone. We will be policing the feature request page more closely, and will be marking requests appropriately from now on. We will also be adding items that have already been implemented and items we have planned, but have not been requested on the feature request page.