[v6 General Discussion] my song database has disappeared

I've transferred EW6 via fashdrive to backup laptop, and edited databases.
Now I've tried to put it back onto original desktop computer.
(Problem renaming files as windows explorer told me 2 of the folders we being used!)
Eventually got round it, I think

**But only one song in song database!
Where have they gone?
Please how do I fix it?

You'll have to make sure EasyWorship is closed and re-copy the original database. You may need to call us at +1 9182501493 M-F 9 AM - 6 PM CST
Hi Roger,
we survived Sunday -must fix this this week

can't see me making internation mobile call

have a good Monday night
and now my post has disappeared!
when I tried to preview it asked me to sign in again

I transferred EW database from stick to laptop
WinExp closed and EW6 opened
EW6 asked if I wanted to convert old data & I said yes
now 515 songs
0 videos
101 images
18 presentations (all powerpoints) all grey at 1st then darkening till 7 grey -but cursor flashing
So -in Task Manager EasyWorship Helper.exe ended -cursor not flashing
49 themes

This EW6 on laptop appears to project ok
Powerpoints in Presentations tab deleted (or moved) except 2
EW6 still seems to project
and now my post has disappeared!
when I tried to preview it asked me to sign in again

[color=#FF0000:3fpuhqe0]What post are you referring to?[/color:3fpuhqe0]
The post I lost was something similar to the rest of my last post -(I guess I wasn't logged in or I took too long to write the post).

ie instead of trying to 'fix' desktop computer that projects in church, I tried transfering EW6 databases to laptop that we use to use.
I now have schedule made & laptop set up to project for Sunday. This means we will not have foldback monitor but congregation will have words.

Next week I need to check if we have all songs on laptop that we use to have -I feel we may be missing ones downloaded in last few months.

And I need to work out why:
1.desktop gets busy in background & can be corrected by ending EasyWorship Helper.exe*32 process in Task Manager
2.Windows Explorer (in desktop)stops working when I right click on things in left column
Any ideas?
Then I can transfer EW6datatbases back to desktop

meanwhile, I think Sunday's schedule should run OK