[v6 General Discussion] Shared Database

Hi. We've set up a shared database over our network which works well in every way except that only one computer can access it at a time. This is a huge problem as we have two services which run simultaneously on a Sunday on different parts of our site.

Any ideas for a solution?

The obvious one is top create another profile for one of the computers but that defeats the purpose of have a shared database and means that none of the material we've created within easy worship can be used in that service.




First I just want to make sure that you are running the most current build of Easyworship 6 which is 3.3.
If you have setup a shared database you should be able to access it from multiple machines at the same time. Are you getting an error message?
Hi Terry. I've tried to recreate the problem this afternoon and couldn't so the update's must have worked out the problem in the system. Thanks for you help.