[v6 General Discussion] Thanks

Just wanted to say thanks for the work that is going in on EW6. It is getting better each time I use it. Today was an example where I was able to be running out announcement loop (generated in PowerPoint to allow editing via Dropbox) with the timed changes happening, whilst then adding power points sent via email and selecting and importing images from Google. We were even able to accommodate a last minute request to include a picture of a think you card (taken on my iPad and emailed in) so that the church could see what it said.

All this happened in the last five minutes before the start of the service (along with the usual rearrangement of songs and running order) and yet I was not stressed by accommodating these changes as EW6 handled it all in its stride.

Good job... Keep it going!

Yes I also have to say thanks. Services have been running smoother than ever lately all thanks to EW and the improvements made to EW6. Seems as if we are getting more communication from the EW team and updates are being issued quickly. The team also seems to be listening to customer feedback and is quick to squash bugs when they occur. We just had what I think was one of our best services for a long time. We had baptisms and we were trying all sorts of new things and the building was packed. Everything ran so well. So thanks again to the EW team for making these services possible.
Thank you so much for the positive input we really appreciate it!