[v6 General Discussion] easyworship 6 edited songs not saving

When editing songs in easyworship 6, the edits aren't saving after clicking the ok button.

Haven't run into this issue with EW6 build 1.6.

Are you editing in Schedule (top) or Resources (bottom)?
Text, formatting or both?
What version?
I am using version 1.6. I am trying to edit songs imported from Song Select & have the same problem in Resources & Schedule. Correcting punctuation & changing words. Am also having problems with EW6 freezing up while projecting.
You should be prompted to update to 6.1.7 when you open it next. Allow it to update and see how it behaves.
I am using a intel i7 3.2ghz with 8gb ram on a 64 bit windows 8.1 system. While using EW6 often when I go to select a new song or slide from the schedule it does not go to the live pane and update on the screen, I can't delete anything in the schedule, I can navigate through different areas of the program (none of the menus work) and I have to use the task manager to close the program to restart it. This happens often. EW6 had been the only thing running on several occasions this has happened. We bought this new computer to be able to handle EW6 when we updated and don't have a copy of EW2009 to revert to or we would.