[v6 General Discussion] Where will the media (images,videos,etc) be stored?

I believe EW2009 store only the shortcut to the image in its resource folder unless the image was imported via schedule. So, we still need to remember to where the images are stored so as not to lose that image, and to take note if we are to share out our database (via copying).

So what happens in EW6?
1) When we import via the '+' sign or right click -> import new file, will EW6 copy the actual image to the resource folder or will it just add a shortcut to the resource folder? This will impact on the sharing of data.
2) When EW6 convert EW2009 database, will it still follows the EW2009 old format of storing shortcut in the resource folder?

i think it's not the media and videos that is the issue. With new database - no images, no videos, no themes; I added in the images in the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\EasyWorship\Default\Resources folder. I created new themes, 22 of them, and it looks fine in EW6, created 1 or 2 song slides, and then close the application as well as exit from the process that was running in the background (EW helper or something). Could not find where the themes are saved, and they are definitely not found in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\EasyWorship\Default\Resources\Themes folder.

Got to transfer this new database to the laptop to check to see if the themes are still available.
I found Themes created on a computer are stored in DatabasesDataThemes.db file and not as separate files in ResourcesThemes folder. Looking in database itself I see all Themes listed even though I deleted all but four of the conversion created themes (these are only ones visible in EW6 Themes tab.) If you export a theme you'll see it as a file.
Ok, it has something to do with the converted database (using 6.1.6 if I recall correctly).

I did a totally new database and added the themes, and tested it out on the other PC and had no issues with the themes - all created themes were displayed correctly.

Now that I uninstalled my EW2009, I can't exactly do anything but to redo everything in EW6 manually in order not to have this issue; as to re-license EW2009, I have to call them and I am not in the same time zone nor continent.
To resolve the issue? I basically removed all media and themes from the database. I then put back them again, and recreated the themes. In doing this I had to go into each and every slide to reset the theme, and for some, to set the background as it was lost when I removed all the media. Once I did this, it works fine for the other PC with no issues.

So I guess it has something to do with how the conversion was done, and that those images in the old EW2009 resource\images folder were shortcuts while we are using the actual files in the Ew6 in resource\images folder. It should not matter as long as the file names are the same, but it did.

At least I do not have to recreate the entire database again.

But I was still facing resources issues, where I get access violation or at times just some ding sound and nothing works till i restart the application (closing both the application and helper process).
There is difference between a shortcut and a file in the resource folder. The shortcut may be in resources but EW and Windows refer to actual location, i.e. D:\MyEWMedia\Videos\Abstract\StageLightsColorChangeScrollingHD.mp4. Whereas actual file would be C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\EasyWorship\Default\Resources\Videos\Abstract\StageLightsColorChangeScrollingHD.mp4.

As you can see they are two totally different paths.