[Equipment Configurations] HDMI to VGA converter cable

Has anyone had any luck with using one of the HDMI to VGA converter cables? I just got a new laptop with HDMI only as a secondary output and everything shows well expect the power point slides, it shows the upper left 2/3 to 3/4 of the slide. I changed resolutions without any luck. EW picks up the projector and send the signal out but the PPT shows strange. I took the first laptop back and got another with VGA port and it has an AMD A8 cpu and I don't like how it is working, just a little slow and I cannot upgrade memory either. 4 GIG is max for this one. This is my personal laptop that is going to be used only if the projection computer dies, so I won't do text over motion background or things like that. Any Ideas on the converter cable? Most new laptops that have better CPU's have the HDMI output now and the lower end computers the VGA's.

HDMI to VGA should work. As for the PPT issue this has been resolved https://www.easyworship.com/support/kbarticle/188/:22tiz7zs]Here
We have investigated these converters and found you can spend £3.80 or £50.00 on one. We bought the cheap one and found it worked well when taking an HDMI output from a Laptop and connecting it to a VGA lead to the projector.
It did not work when connecting a VGA output from a laptop to a HDMI input on a TV screen.
Can anyone explain more about these converters please.
Most display converter adapter/cables are unidirectional which means they only perform signal conversion from one connector to the other. This is especially true for digital-analog converters.

Places to look:
Thanks for the information I will try it and post my results back. I wish I had found this fix before I traded the first laptop back in but was under the gun for return times. OH well live and learn. Thanks for making such a great projection program I love it and those volunteers who end up helping me, normally as I drag someone one over and tell them push this button and this button that is all you need, like it simplicity for service as well.
Success! That was the bit of information I needed to make the power points look right on the projection screen !! I had done a search on HDMI to VGA converters and had not gotten any results that was why I had posted this. Thanks again for such a great projection program, it was after looking through all the others and trying them that I had picked Easy Worship, both for ease of use, and the site license. You are doing a great thing for the guys in the back of the room!!

Thanks again
Jeff Wilkins
Elder, Faith Evangelical Free Church of Moline IL.
i'm having a similar issue. I ran my old laptop with vga outs through the matrox dualhead2go so we can use display foldback. now with a new laptop which only has hdmi out, i can't get it to work correctly. The front of house works fine. The display foldback, which is a tv, has the message "Not compatible format". HELP!
you might give matrox a call and see if they are able to help you get both screens working. There may be an update for that matrox box.
I wrote to Matrox about this issue - not a happy answer...

"None of our Graphics Expansion Modules (GXMs) including those with VGA input (such as DualHead2Go Analog Edition part# D2G-A2A-IF, or DualHead2Go Digital Edition part# D2G-A2D-IF) support an HDMI connection to the computer. The HDMI interface does not provide sufficient bandwidth to provide double-wide or triple-wide display configurations. Using adapters will not solve this issue, as the HDMI connection will still be the bottleneck between the PC and the DualHead2Go."

He did suggest that if the new laptop has "DisplayPort" graphics outputs, there is a matrox device for that.. of course our new laptop does NOT have these outputs.. ugh.. the only thing i can think to do is run hdmi from the laptop to the projector and rear monitor, and just run a mirrored monitor, no more display foldback... *sniff sniff!*
I have a Lenovo laptop that only has HDMI out. I bought a Lenovo brand HDMI to VGA adapter that goes to my Matrox DualHead2Go Digital Edition and then outputs to a DVI to HDMI adapter that goes to an HDMI splitter and then to 2- 55 inch TVs. The second output on the Matrox is DVI to VGA adapter that goes to a 19 inch monitor for foldback. All works perfectly fine. I would make sure if you're using a laptop to use an adapter that's the same brand as the laptop (Dell adapter for Dell laptop, HP adapter for HP laptop, Lenovo adapter for Lenovo laptop...). Then, also make sure if you have a one-directional HDMI cable that it's going the right direction. I accidentally ran one of my HDMI cables the wrong direction and couldn't get it to work and once I realized the issue, I switched it the other way and everything worked.