[v7 General Discussion] individual slide theme

I would like to assign a theme to the last slide of a song. Is that a possibility?

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Chuck Barnett

Yes. Just drag the theme to the individual slide.
Thank you. Thant makes sense, but I'm not getting it. In edit item mode? On the fly?? I tried both to no avail.
I normally place the song, presentation, or scripture in the schedule, expand it so each slide is visible, then copy the theme from the theme tab onto the appropriate slide.

[attachment=0]2019-04-29 10-15-16.mov[/attachment]

That works!

Thanks, again!
and that was a VERY thorough video you sent!

How you recorded that is a topic for another day!

I just recently learned or the extra step needed once changes to a song are made so as to have those changes conserved -right click on the song in the schedule and "Check Schedule for changes" and then hit "Import". Who would know that!?

I used OBS Studio. It's used to stream from a computer and also capture and record from it. It's free and fairly easy to learn. If you watch YouTube or Facebook videos or streams of a live church service there is a good chance that they used OBS Studio to capture and stream it.


The "Check Schedule For Changes" and Import is covered on page 30 of the EW7 User Guide.

"User's Guide"??

I missed that.

Thanks for the tip about OBS!