[v7 General Discussion] How do I combine 2 separate presentations into one?

I use the EW7 presentation application to build announcement loops. I want to move/copy some carefully created slides from one presentation file into another. Does copy and paste work? Any other methods? Thanks!

PS Both presentations are already built ~ 20 intricate slides.

PSS I do find the EW7 presentation building app not very flexible :-(

drag both presentations into the schedule.

control+drag one into the other.

Can you give us specifics on the inflexibility of the Presentation creator?
Thanks Roger,

While I couldn't drag the one presentation on top of the other, in the schedule on the left (it would want to go above or below it), I [u]could [/u]drag and drop it into the preview window on the right.

A black line would appear, pointing to where it would end up after being dropped. :-)

This is great. Now we can compose parts of a presentation (as in 2 separate files) in isolation and combine them later. !!

(My solution in the past was just to take screen shots of other presentation slides, save them as jpg's, import them into the EW image library and then use them in the new presentation).

One flexibility suggestion:

It would be nice if I could drag and drop an image from my desktop directly into the presentation editor, as you can do in MS PowerPoint. Works great with 2 monitors.
Thanks for the feedback.

Here's a video of how combining in the schedule works. Please make sure you hold down the ctrl key while dragging and notice the line when it gets short is when you drop it.
Thanks Roger,

That video is very helpful. I must remember to use that powerful "Ctrl" key :-)

As for combining, I still prefer my method when inserting a single slide, as I can see immediately where it will be placed in the preview window.