[v7 General Discussion] PowerPoint On Foldback

Currently, PowerPoint slides on the foldback screen have the bottom of the slide hidden behind the next line/next item bar. The clock is also covering the corner. (This is also the case with EW Presentations)

This is a huge issue because we have people that want to read stuff off their PowerPoint then realize a good portion of it is covered up.

Is there any way to turn off this box while PowerPoint is being displayed?

Something really needs to be done. Either turn it off for PowerPoint because it is pretty useless while using PowerPoint, or shrink the PowerPoint display to fit between the box and clock.

Hi Craig,
We have this on our list of things to look at for the next update.
I'm doing some testing with the previous versions and it seems to be behaving the same as they did.
Awesome. Thanks!